Drum Pumping Project – Before

At Houghtons we added materials into the top of our blenders by manually handling barrels and tipping the products. These materials ranged from water Based products through to very viscose materials.

The aim of the project was to :-

  • Remove HSE issues related to manual handling of barrels and splash risks
  • Improve the accuracy of the weighing of the materials to improve quality
  • Increase batch times by adding the materials faster

ITEC Pumps-3

ITEC Pumps

Drum Pumping Project – After

With the help of ITEC we designed a solution that now allows us to move barrels and IBCs onto a weigh scale Using FLTs. A lance can then be inserted into the container and the material pumped from ground level into the top of the Tanks
(approx. 8 Metres high} .ITEC calculated , specified and supplied the pumps with VSDs and associated panels that allow us to control the pump speeds depending on the viscosity of the material. The project has successfully met the initial requirements and ITEC have been instrumental in helping us achieve these results.

ITEC Pumps-7

ITEC Pumps-8

ITEC Pumps-9

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