List of Partners

amberAMBERSIL: Founded over 60 years ago, Ambersil began manufacturing products specifically developed to meet the most exacting standards of industry. Today, the Ambersil brand provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance, whilst maximising value for money. The vast range of Ambersil products includes adhesives, anti-corrosion, cleaners, equipment, lubricants and paints amongst others. Each one reason enough to make them a valuable ITEC partner.

exol-smallEXOL: Award-winning Exol has an extensive industrial product range which has been designed to cover all aspects of industrial plant, workshop, machine shop and production unit requirements ranging frombasic lubricating oils through to high technology metal cutting, forming and spark erosion fluids. The range of Exol products for the machine shop are particularly comprehensive and include neat cutting oils, water soluble fluids, slideway oils and circulating oils.

facom-smallFACOM/BRITOOL/SEALY: Between these three partners ITEC are able to provide any tool, for any application to suit most if not all on quality and financial grounds. The combined extensive ranges of tools are each readily available throughout the UK via our office or online catalogue(s). If you need a bespoke tool for a specific application, please contact us and we will assist in any way we can.”

fag-smallFAG Bearings: FAG Bearings are manufactured and supplied by Schaefler AG and partnering with them ensures we are working with one of the world’s finest companies in the provision of precision bearings. Their reliability, coupled with a combined application of creativity, reliability and innovation delivers the highest-possible quality of product.

ntnNTN/SNR: NTN/SNR: is the 3rd largest bearing manufacturing group in the world. NTN/SNR has a wide range of bearings, housings, transmission seals and linear guides suited to the needs of the industry. With its solid commercial, industrial and R&D presence they are a major force in the whole of the European bearings market, and as such an excellent partner to add depth to our business.

optiOPTIBELT: The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts. Their products are used extensively where durability and quality are required without the need to make compromises. Optibelt products hold up to extreme conditions. Large machinery for construction, stone crushers, cement mixers, coal-fired power plants, in fact anywhere that dust, heat, cold, aggressive chemicals or enormous rotation speeds put the material to a difficult test. We can’t think of anyone better in this sector to partner with.

tsubaki-smallTSUBAKI: From drive chains for transmission, attachment chain for conveying, corrosion resistant versions through to lube free free chain. From Locking devices, couplings, linear actuators, control and safety devices through to cam clutches and free wheels.Tsubaki has the product and/or expertise to suit any customer application. By partnering with Tsubaki, ITEC proves yet again that when the world’s best come together every customer can be assured of great products, great supply and great performance are guaranteed.

weg-smallWEG: WEG is one of the world’s greatest and most successful manufacturers of electric motors and automation systems. They especially excel in motors best suited for environmental protection and CO2 emission reduction, and their modern motor types (up to class IE4) offer high power density with a maximum energy efficiency. It is because WEG continually sets new standards in energy efficient development that it is widely recognised as an industry leader and why we are proud to partner with them.