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  • Independent distributor and stockist of bearing & power transmission products and services.
  • Industry leader in the marketplace.
  • Informative & innovative engineering experience.
  • Immediate & impressive service guaranteed.

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industrial clients

ITEC Power Services Ltd

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ITEC Power Services Ltd

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Backed by a wealth of experience and expertise, we understand the importance of keeping up in the competitive process industry, which is why we provide same-day engineering services to meet all your needs.

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Our Ethos

“Sometimes the solution to a problem is NOT simply a replacement or refurbishment of a part. It can include back-to-the-drawing-board thinking.

which may even include the use of new or innovative materials.What we love to do is to bring the full weight of our expertise toa problem and by doing so provide our customer with anunrivalled service.”

Not just a supplier but a partner. A company with drive
& ambition who offer complete flexibility &
outstanding customer care.

ITEC Power Services Ltd

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ITEC Power Services Ltd

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ITEC Power Services Ltd

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Single E-Source Solutions for Industry

ITEC Power Services Ltd works with and for a wide variety of
companies in many different sectors.

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