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Problem – Divider Bearings Overheating

The bakery lines at Kara Foods have a piece of machinery that basically divides a large piece of dough (weighing about 160kg) into 4 or 6 equal weights; ranging from 55g to 110g. This divider is a vacuum operated machine, constantly rotating the main cylinder during operation. The cylinder can rotate up to 90 times per minute, but rely solely on a bearing each end of the cylinder for ease of rotation and performance continuity. Standard bearings are manufactured out of brass. They heat up, scar and damage internally; effectively lasting between 6 and 8 months prior to replacement.

Solution – Ceramic bearings impregnated with PTFE

ITEC Engineering Group assessed the issue and suggested a change to the bearing materials. As a result, ceramic bearings impregnated with PTFE have been on trial for over 8 months now. Monitoring performance of the new bearings through scheduled and recent inspections has shown they have maintained 100% integrity throughout this time. This was clearly a major improvement. In addition, these bearings are also reducing the heat of the working parts of the cylinder, because unlike the brass bearings, they do not transfer. Because of the improved performance it has been acknowledge there has been a considerable saving in divider maintenance and actual down time of the whilst use of the ceramic bearings been in place. “Needless to say, we will be continuing to use this type of bearing going forward as it is already proving to be so cost-effective, ” says Daniel Baldwin, an Engineering Plant Technician with Kara. “Throughout the whole project we have been very pleased with the way Itec Engineering Group assessed the issue and suggested such an innovative and effective solution” he continued.

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