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Hill Biscuits

Hill Biscuits is a traditional biscuit manufacturing company which was established in Ashton under Lyne in 1855. As such, the company has had a continual need to modernise and update old machinery and equipment for both efficiency and legislative reasons.

Problem – Dough Mixer Reliability and Legislative Conformity

The mixer in question had been in continual operation and usage since the 1980’s, and although reliable enough mechanically, was inefficient on the drive and control side. In addition, many of the spares (if available), were extremely expensive and/or on long lead times. The corresponding control panel too was old and did not conform fully with today’s health and safety requirements. It had an air-operated clutch and brake unit, and a 2-speed motor – operating continuously around the clock – 24/7.

Hill Biscuits

Solution – New Control Panel and Drive Equipment

ITEC Power Services Ltd assessed the issue and it became apparent that the project was not entirely straight forward, presenting several technical issues to overcome. One main problem was the lack of clarity and accuracy of the original electrical schematics that accompanied the equipment. Other factors acknowledged the fact that the motor ran continually with a braking system that would work only when the mix had finished – again big implications for Health & Safety. As part of the refurbishment of the equipment ITEC redesigned and built a new control panel, specified and provided a TEC 55kW Brake Motor and a Weg 55kW inverter. The whole project was completed in a timely manner, utilised reliable equipment that is both efficient and very user friendly. All component parts are now easily serviceable with spare parts that are readily available. A major benefit to the company from a performance/financial point of view, is that there has been an energy cost saving of approximately £10,000 per annum (return on investment calculation).

Hill Biscuits

Mark Bamber, Manufacturing Director at Hill Biscuits reflects: “The last time the motor on this mixer had failed it had caused a great deal of downtime, and lost production. We needed a solution quickly to avoid such a recurrence. Itec Power Services Ltd response was fantastic and the solution perfect. Every day since it is proving to be saving us money and performing extremely efficiently too.”

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